Counselling in Preston with Linda Middleton BACP Registered Counsellor


Contractual agreement on Confidentiality.


As a member of the BACP I am ethically bound to listen to you the client, without judgement or prejudice. Your confidentiality is paramount at all times both in and out of consultation. I undertake to keep everything that is discussed in your sessions confidential and not spoken about to anyone – however there are some exceptions; as a practising counsellor I undertake professional supervision. I might need to take your issues to supervision to help me help you. Please be assured if this is the case, no names or identifying characteristics about you will be forthcoming; also if I hear you talk about any of the following, I am bound by law to report them:   


·           Causing harm to vulnerable people, be they adults or children 

·           Money laundering 

·           Terrorism 


If I believe you to be in danger due to feelings or thoughts of self-harm, I will speak to you about this and possibly take this to professional supervision.  You will not be referred to by name if this is the case, unless you give written permission. 

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