Counselling in Preston with Linda Middleton BACP Registered Counsellor



“I met Linda five years ago at the start of our journey in person centred counselling. Over the years we have shared many experiences and I feel we have grown together. I count Linda as one of my closest friends, one of those rare people who come into your life and you hope stay in it forever. This isn’t just because she is a kind and wonderful person but because she has a rare quality, which I think we all hope to find in our relationships, the quality of honesty, of knowing that someone has your absolute best interests at heart in whatever they do. In counselling terms we call this congruence, the ability to be genuine with our clients. It isn’t a skill that can be taught but comes from the heart.  


This quality alone makes Linda a special counsellor, the ability to be genuine with whomever she meets. Linda also has many other qualities required in the counselling profession. She has the ability to listen non-judgementally and offer her natural warmth to all who meet her, building trust and respect in the relationships she creates. She is supportive but also not afraid to challenge if she believes this is in the best interest of the client. 

Personally I cannot think of a more caring and genuine person to provide support to another when they may need it the most. I certainly hope to continue to share my journey of friendship and learning with Linda, and I believe many others would benefit from having such a wonderful source of support in their lives as well.”

SS, South Ribble 


“Speaking with Linda always seems to help me find answers for myself, she does not give me those answers, but talking through things with her gives me the time and space to explore any issues I have had.  Linda is very approachable, supportive and has helped me so much.”

PB, The Fylde

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